About Me

Welcome to my site! Glad you have decided to take a look and hopefully join me on this journey. No question too small or silly. I love trying out new workouts, new foods, and anything that will challenge me physically and mentally. If there is anything you want me to try, within reason, I can be your guinea pig!

A little about me: I live with my lovinimg_20161014_174334g husband and fur animals in CT. I am a teacher by trade and a health enthusiast by passion. This does not mean I eat kale for breakfast and egg whites for dinner. It means that I am, like most people, searching for the elusive balance. I am blessed with a small and loving family who continuously inspire me to live out my dreams.

I definitely try to prioritize my health because it is what allows me to be happy. This wasn’t always the case, though. Throughout difficult times in my life, I turned to exercise to numb feelings and punish myself rather than celebrate what my body can do. Throughout time I have realized that I can’t and shouldn’t control things around me by attempting to control my own body. That never turns out well. When I ended up leaving medical school and losing both my grandfather and brother within a three month time span, I ran away the pain and hurt. I started making changes to the way I was responding to grief and developed a healthier relationship with food and exercise. I am by no means perfect but it is something I am working on in my own journey.