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Five Things Friday

fridayWhere the heck have I been?! I am just guessing that is what is on your mind because it definitely is what I am thinking. We are in the process of buying and selling our home, had vacation spent dealing with family and Easter shenanigans, and have been trying to enjoy some of the nice weather New England has been throwing our way. My mother wrote to me the other day and asked me if I had just “given up on Fit n’ Fabulous.”

Let me assure you, I have not. I have just been balancing a lot on my proverbial life plate and some things take a back seat. But, I’m back today with a nice Five Things Friday! Five random things and thoughts that are on my mind.

  • Healthy morning meals. Lately I have been making three-egg white scrambles  with some chicken sausage from Al Fresco. I used to skip breakfast and be starving for lunch. I definitely am lucky I have time to throw this together before I leave the house in the morning. I timed myself and it only takes 4 minutes start to finish!


  • thredUP. So, time to fess up: my Mom is my “personal shopper.” I HATE shopping with a grand passion unless I am in the mood. One of the places she goes to find me clothes is Ann Taylor LOFT. Fast forward to yesterday when I found thredUP which sells gently (and I mean gently) used clothes from high fashion brands and even value brands like GAP and Old Navy. Now it is easy for a shopping-hating girl like to me to find my own clothes!!! Haha

Image result for thredup logo

  • Tunxis walks with Lucy. I look forward to the nice weather so that I can bring my puppy to the park. She runs around like crazy and barks at the sky with glee. Nothing makes me happier than to see her happy! I even love it when my husband meets me after work to go for a walk there too. We get time to just talk and unwind together.
  • House hunting. What a process! We find a town we like, a home we like, but we need to sell our home too. There are so many contingencies and rules. Luckily we have a great real estate agent to guide us through the process but some days our restlessness and anxiety gets in the way of reason. This is my first time going through the buying process and what I realize is that while money doesn’t buy happiness, money certainly can ease stress. If we just made a little more money, we wouldn’t have to worry about payments and bills etc. It’s not like we are extravagant people who ask for personal trainers and chefs. C’mon man… take pity on us hard working teachers!


  • Workout gear. My lifting partner and friend Susie bought me this amazing tank for my birthday. I am in love. The one exception to my dislike of shopping comes to when I have to shop for workout gear. Can anyone else relate? Make me buy jeans and I’ll cry for a week. Make me buy a gym top and I will buy 20 more where that came from! IMG_20170410_193624_133

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