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Life Recently

I promise, I haven’t disappeared! I could give you the b.s. excuse that “life has just been oh so busy” and in a lot of ways it has been. Bottom line is that I have just been prioritizing other things over blogging. In this “balanced” life that we try to lead, there are times when consciously we tip the scales one way or the other. I have even begun to question if the proverbial balance we all strive for just doesn’t exist. The joke’s on us.

To keep you updated with life, I have a series of photos that sum it up. So here we go!

March Madness


My first year making a bracket and I happen to get the first two rounds perfectly chosen. I have only two games that I was wrong. My husband, a basketball fanatic, cannot even believe it! Now if only I had submitted the bracket to ESPN… #money



K, it looks gross but I promise you this combination of natural pb, Greek yogurt, and apples with cinnamon is da bomb! I have been trying to create a morning routine of putting together my lunches and breakfasts and this has been a staple.


I have been incorporating some more cardio into my routines. Getting back to running and combinations of rowing and running have been satisfying. My foot has been hurting me so I can only run short distances which is fine with me. Running hasn’t been fulfilling to me in a while so I don’t mind running just in short intervals for a short amount of time. Win! Still lifting with friends that are quickly feeling like family.

Family Time

Basketball season is over which means I get my husband back and time with my family! It has been nice coming home on Friday’s and just getting a pizza and relaxing. Instead of going to games all over the state, we can just focus on unwinding. Our jobs have been stressful lately so the extra time is necessary.


I will tip my balance scale, inevitably, back to focus on blogging. I hope everyone is having a great week so far, even only hours into a Monday.

Question of the Day:

Do you think “balance” can be achieved?



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