No Excuses

Well, hello from snowy CT! We are predicted to get 12-18″ of snow here which means a few things: no school (yay!), shoveling, and the inability to get out of the house. The temptation to just melt into the couch and spend all day in a Netflix-induced coma is REAL.

This brings me to the idea of excuses. We all make them. Whether it be for why we can’t work out, why we don’t stick to our diet, why we can’t visit friends, and why we put off important tasks. Excuses get in the way yet are so conveniently made. I am guilty of this but I am trying to get better.Image result for excuses meme

So I am startingon my snow day. I came across this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BeFit/videos

There are literally hundreds of videos targeting different parts of the body and different styles of workouts. Not into total body conditioning? There are videos for pilates, dancing, cardio kick boxing, etc. Something for everyone. I have Chromecast which allows me to put the YouTube I am watching on my phone, on my television. Instead of excuses, today I will muscle up and do a quick workout. I know I will be shoveling a ton, too, so will use that as exercise as well. It is my personal goal to stay on track with workouts and limit my excuses.

Image result for excuses quotes and sayings


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