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Scenes from the weekend (2)

Oh hello there! I hope that your Monday was flawless. I love catching you all up with some of my weekend eats and treats on Tuesdays. I had such a great weekend with a mix of family, food, and fun.


My husband’s basketball team did not make the finals in their conference despite winning the in-season conference title. We went to the final game to support the athletes who won All Conference athlete awards. We decided to treat the boys to dinner at Bears BBQ in Hartford. I always go with the same sides: mashed sweet potatoes and apple crisp. I also always go with the beef brisket. All of which are gone after I am done destroying my plate.  must try place if you are into BBQ food.



I started off Saturday with the ongoing house project that I am trying to finish. I will give pictures when the I have the final product! I got the last bit of the wood sawed at the angles I needed and then changed to go to Amped. I knew I would need some good pre-workout so I went with my TLM Meth Lab. It was chest day for my lifting buddies and I. We danced and had one of the most fun times lifting I have had in a while.

After lifting with friends, I stopped by Popover Bistro to get my favorite Quinoa Bowl: Greek yogurt, quinoa, strawberries, chia seeds, slivered almonds, pecans, and honey drizzle.

For dinner I made crock pot chili and my husband and I watched Girl On The Train. It was good but not worth the hype, in our opinions. Not pictured: half an Earthquake bar which is like a brownie with pb frosting on it from a local market.


I signed up for a three hour pedal to end cancer event at Lifer Fitness Studio.  I split the time with my husband and father-in-law. We raised $125 dollars for the cause! Next year we will donate more time and effort but we kind of signed up at the last minute. After the event, I met my friend for Blunch. I had overnight oats (they were out of my favorite yogurt parfait) with tea. We both had rough work weeks and it was nice to vent. We went to the mall and just had some girl time.

Dinner we had with my in-laws. We went to savoy for pizza where I had my favorite: the rose ravita. The pizzas are small enough for one person.

Prosciutto | fig spread | asiago | goat cheese | arugula | hot honey drizzle

Image result for savoy pizzeria


Question of the Day: 

How was your weekend? Share here!


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