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On fad diets and taking the “easy” way out 


Lately I have seen a lot of advertisements about getting that summer bod in 7 days, celeb diet tips, foods to never eat so you can lose all that winter weight, etc. These advertisements are on reputable sites that target people who are most vulnerable: teenagers and people who are unhappy with their current weight or body size. This makes me angry. I mean, super angry and disappointed. Manipulating impressionable teens and preying on those who may be uninformed or misguided… Shame on them!

Directly pulled from, a search site and news source.

I remember being in high school, secretly insecure and wanting to take the easy way out to get the body I saw on magazine covers. Even recently I found myself looking at juice cleanses and wondering if they really help you lose belly bloat in 5 hours like some promise.

I feel compelled to dispel the myth that these fad diets and appealing weight loss strategies are safe, effective, and helpful long term. They are not.

The truth is that weight loss is tough. It isquote.jpg gritty, miserable at times, and difficult. If it were easy then no one would even look twice at these fad diets. People give up because they don’t see immediate results. Immediate results won’t always come and progress slows down often over time.

I hate the way we even think about the word DIET. Diet in mainstream society means starvation, or changing eating to restrict, and has a certain connotation. The word diet literally means a way of eating. It contains nothing about defining who you are, its connection to weight, or anything that implies restrictions.

So, as appealing as these diets may be because of what they promise, they can be harmful and even deadly. One size fits all with diets doesn’t work either because everyone is different biologically. They can lead to yo-yo weight gain and loss and long term failure at obtaining your goals.

I did some research and fell in love with this article. It is so true that little scientific data substantiates the claims of diet trends and leads to perpetuating the idea of fad diets. Decreased metabolism, nutrient deficiencies, infertility, and other side effects can result from them.

How do we change our mentality?

  • I think we need to shift our ideas of diets back to its definition.
  • We need to be informed. Consult a physician if you are thinking of starting something to lose weight.
  • Remember that it is about a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.
  • There is no easy way out. If you see something that promises you that, be very weary.
  • Love yourself. Often the hardest thing to do but if you don’t, it makes it easier to fall prey to  fad diets.
  • Restriction and deprivation are NOT healthy or feasible in the long term.


Question of the Day:

Have you tried a fad diet? What are your thoughts?


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