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Happy Hump Day! I hope your week is going well. I wanted to do something a little different today with my Wednesday post. So here goes nothing…


Listening to the La La Land soundtrack. I am obsessed. Seriously, someone call a doctor because I wake up singing City of Stars and feel the need to tell everyone about how much I loved the movie.Image result for la la land

I have always loved music and musicals so when I saw Ryan Gosling playing piano… *swoon.* I wasn’t sure if I would really like it but I love the jazz, the commentary on mainstream music, passions and dreams (some realized and others not), and the idea of the starving artist in a contemporary setting.

Favorite song is definitely a tossup between Another Day of Sun, Mia and Sebastian’s theme, and The Fools Who Dream. I cry when I hear that song because I relate to it. Is that strange? Yes but I don’t care.



Eating too many peanut M&Ms. My husband gave me the look like “really sweetie, you needed to buy those again?” when I brought home the big bag. The answer is yes, yes I did. Sometimes I get on a M&M kick and I currently am. The perfect combination of protein and dairy 😉




Making breakfast before work. I rush around in the morning wasting time playing with 20170228_064558.jpgthe dog, putting on makeup, and trying on pants five times before putting on the first ones I tried on. I decided to finally just buckle down and make breakfast for myself and it has been SO nice to have an egg, maple chicken sausage, and a slice of avocado at work. I take it with me on the go so I can eat it during my morning free period. I am used to making so many excuses why I CAN’T make breakfast that I just decided to make an excuse TO actually do it. Seems to be working out well so far.

I can promise that it tastes so much better than it photographs!







Training the off-season athletes. I have been doing this all winter long but I finally got around to taking a picture of the gym. Lots of great clang and bang type equipment in there. I am sad to see my Spring athletes start their sports but I know they will rock it! 20170228_190725.jpg


Shoveling Thai food at a basketball game. Who does that?! 20170228_193651.jpgThis girl. Anyone ever see the Sex & the City episode where Carrie has jury duty and there is a juror who whips out of his briefcase a coconut?! That’s how I imagine it looks when I whip out my snacks at a game and I upped the ante by bringing Thai food last time. It is nearing the end of my husband’s season and now is playoff time for them. Since the games are so late and it throws off what I want to make for dinner, I have ditched all shame and just bring my dinner.

Notice the shining gym floor in the background and yes, I was front row. If anyone gets on me about it I will counter their argument with the fact that if the games weren’t starting at 7:30, people could actually eat a normal meal at home.





Snacking on peanut butter and banana before a workout. Still my go to when I need quick energy and something to fill me up (but not too much) before a workout. 20170228_164931.jpg


Question of the Day:

What are some of your CURRENTLYs…?


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