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High-Low-High from my weekend

Is it just me or does anyone else hate Tuesdays too? I don’t know what it is but I just really am not motivated on Tuesdays. The only thing keeping me excited is my husband’s game tonight which is sure to be stressful and awesome at the same time.

Since Mondays are reserved for motivational posts (see Monday Motivation), I have to use Tuesdays to fill in highlights from my weekend. My favorite blogger over at Carrots n’ Cake does a High-Low-High post (almost) every Monday and I love them! So, my husband and I started getting in the habit of writing our high-low-highs from the weekend to one another via email each Monday too. Since you all are blog followers, I will share them with you as well.

High: Going on walks with my pup because the weather was amazing! She was so happy and excited to be running around and swimming in the river despite there being snow lingering around. wp-1488223416532.jpg

Low: The cold weather returning on Sunday. My husband and I took Lucy to the fields again to run off-leash and we lasted probably 2 minutes. She was so disappointed when we loaded her into the car after such a short time. **Note: our dog won’t jump into the trunk… or any car for that matter. We have tried EVERY technique except to buy her stairs…**

High: LIFER class and interviewing Debra! Got such a great sweat session in and loved her music choices. wp-1488223416538.jpg

High: Starting a house project by myself. I think even my husband was pleased to see that I bought all the wood and got the saw going on my own…wp-1488224064625.jpg

Low: … so not entirely on my own. I had to ask my neighbor who is this sweet older gentleman to help me. He was patient and even stuck around because he was sure I was going to cut my finger off. He said he couldn’t believe my husband would let me do this project on my own. Ha! So old school.

High: Weight training and protein-packed foods that make me feel good. I am feeling these Dr. Prager’s Kale Burgers. Don’t hate on them until you try them!

High: [Not pictured] The yummy post-game meal from The North House, pizza and movie date my husband and I had on Saturday, and the Chinese food we had on Sunday. We saw Hacksaw Ridge which was good! It was super gory but I appreciated the story line and was impressed by the acting.


Question of the Day:

What was your high-low-high from the weekend?



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