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Meal Prep (Why I Don’t…Yet)


Happy Friday, everyone! I hope everyone has a great weekend planned.

Speaking of planning, I see a ton online about meal prep and about how Sundays should be set aside for such an activity. What is meal prep? It is preparing your meals or part of your meals for the week on the weekend so you can just grab-and-go during the hectic work week. Image result for meal prep

I don’t know about you, but meal prep is NOT how I want to be spending my Sundays and nothing about it appeals to me. I get it… failure to plan is planning to fail.I have tried to meal prep and I can tell you how it goes:

  • I spend the afternoon in the grocery store and then in the kitchen as my dog begs to go with me on a walk in the afternoon sunshine. Or my husband complains I am not laying down with him in the living room. #guilttrip
  • I make what looks like enough food to feed an army. I run out of plastic containers and have to improvise. Add on another hour because I am running around trying to find places to put the food and clear out the fridge.
  • Later that night, we proceed to eat the entire week’s worth of the veggies and meat I prepared.
  • The meals last me only until Monday night. I now have the entire week left…
  • Some of the leftover food has gone bad by the middle of the week. Husband may still eat it…
  • We eat out 3 nights in a row because of basketball
  • We both are craving pizza/chinese/burger/[insert food here]. So the meals we prepped continue to get older and older. Husband won’t eat them at this point.
  • Weekend rolls around and I check the bank account. Go into immediate depression knowing I spent 200 dollars last weekend for meals that don’t last me.

Can anyone relate to the struggle? So, here is what I do instead because this whole meal prep thing doesn’t work for me…

  1. I set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier. This has been leaving me enough time to make an egg in the morning and make sure my water bottle is filled so I can stay hydrated.

    water to stay hydrated // en egg, avocado slice, 2 chicken maple sausage links @ work
  2. I bring my gym bag with me to work. Not only does it double as a bag to carry all the work I have to grade, but I keep a fork and spoon in there at all times. I keep some gym clothes in there just in case I get held up at work and can use the gym at school. No excuses to NOT stay active.
  3. I do prep… the night before. I make sure to leave out on the counter things that I know I can just grab in the morning.
  4. I grocery shop smarter. I am not the authority on eating perfectly “healthy” but I have been making smarter choices at the grocery store that ensure even if I don’t meal prep, I can still make good decisions when it comes to meals. If it isn’t in the house, then you will be less likely to get it and eat it. I don’t keep certain foods in the house purposely because I know my husband and I will go.to.town. if they were there. I may get them as a treat from time to time, but on a regular basis I try not to.
  5. I enjoy my Sunday. Happiness is key to making good food choices in my mind. So I spend my weekends doing things that I love, not slaving away.

If you are someone who can meal prep, more power to you! I understand that if you are competing and training for something, it makes meal prep more necessary. However, I am just trying to create habits that are realistic for myself. I know that in the future I will not  be able to keep up with prepping and trying to enjoy time with my family. I know the week gets hectic and maybe my thoughts will change in the future but for now… I have to go enjoy the sunshine!

Question of the Day:

  1. Do you meal prep? Are you able to continuously do it?
  2. Share your secrets with me!

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