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What I’ve Been Up To

Vacation was glorious! 4 days of enjoying food, family, and fun. I also wanted to take a break from blogging to just BE. Sometimes when I am just hyper-focused, I miss the world around me. This vacation I wanted to take time away from work. However, that didn’t stop me from taking photos!


  1. My husband and I have made it a post-spin tradition on Saturdays to go to Truffles. I always get the yogurt parfait and green tea. There are tons of amazing goodies at this place but I honestly LOVE their granola. Cannot get enough.
  2. After a weekend of gluttony, I wanted to get back on a healthier eating track because I was feeling sluggish. I opted to make breakfast at home and it turned out to be the best mix of chicken maple sausage with a perfect avocado and egg. (Tomorrow’s blog post will be about getting “back on track” with your goals after a time of excess)
  3. I took time out for just journaling and writing down ideas for my career and future. Putting pen to paper makes me more accountable and helps me to remember what I need to do. I also just get excited for where I am heading more than if I just brainstorm ideas in my head.
  4. I am LOVING this multigrain bland with vegetables from Trader Joe’s. It is in the freezer section and it is PERFECTION. The wheat blend is filling but not too hearty. It pairs well with my Dr. Prager’s burgers. I also had it with shrimp! Super tasty and filling. Image result for trader joe's multigrain blend with vegetables
  5. Part of my awesome vacation was going to laser tag with my husband’s team. I don’t play around when I am competing. I made sure to wear all black and sneak attack like a ninja. Best part: using my lifting name as my laser tag name. Let me recap how I came to be Ghetto Bird. My lifting partner had on this song by Ice Cube one day while we were lifting. I made fun of the song but somehow got addicted to it. Amazing how that happens, right?! You can hate a song but it just starts to grow on you. So… I became known as Ghetto Bird. Love it.
  6. Wearing Nike and Under Armour all at once. Is it only me who feels strange doing that?


Question of the Day:

  1. What have you been up to? Did you have vacation?

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