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Need Snacks? 

Disclaimer: The wonderful people at Graze sent me a free sampling of their snacks. All thoughts and opinions of their product are my own. Happy snacking!

How’s your Tuesday starting out? Happy Valentine’s Day! My husband has a basketball game this evening so no plans for us tonight but we are going to celebrate another time. As he likes to say, every day is Valentine’s day when we’re together… not so sure that’s accurate but hey, we’ll go with it.

The snow here in New England has been relentless. Snow days used to be fun-filled, complete with Disney movies and hot cocoa. Now they mean a distressed dog who refuses to pee in the snow, too much time feeling cooped up, and over-snacking.

Thankfully, the friendly people at Graze sent me a sampling of their best snacks! Perfectly portioned and great for on-the-go snacking, I was super thrilled to try them all. (I received the 8 snack variety box)


They came in this adorable box. When I opened it, I was greeted with a thank you as well as the nutrition facts for each of the snacks. If you have allergies or specific nutritional needs, you can customize your own box.

I was on my way to workout when I tried the peanut butter pretzel dippers. The peanut butter was smooth and didn’t taste processed. The pretzels had a consistency more like breadsticks than pretzels but still tasted amazing! 20170206_150204.jpg

My husband is not much into “healthy” snacks but even he tried the summer berry flapjack. He wanted to hate it but two seconds into trying them, he even had to admit they tasted great. Made with whole grains and no artificial nonsense, these snacks are something I can feel good about eating. 20170207_104515.jpg


In the winter we are constantly on the move rushing around from basketball games to our workouts etc. Graze makes it easy to grab something on-the-go and not feel guilty about what you are eating.


The box also had soy roasted seeds and dried fruit. There really is something for everyone to enjoy! Raspberry and Coconut Muffin Trail Mix, Dark Chocolate Cherry Mix, and more. All of the ingredients are listed so there are no “secrets.”



If you aren’t convinced about trying these snacks yet, you HAVE to try them for yourself (doesn’t mean you have to share!). The first three blog readers to go to Graze’s website can unlock their free 1st and 5th box by entering in the following information:

1. Enter the code: LIZM1D4DB

2. Tell Graze what you like and where you are and they will send your wish your way!

Graze makes a great Valentine’s Day present for the snacker in your life or for any occasion. Happy snacking, everyone!


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