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Monday Motivation: Corey Blank

Hello, all! I hope the weekend was filled with moderation and excess. My husband and I became an Uncle and Aunt and when we tried to visit our new nephew, snow and bad weather kept us stuck at home. My husband and I are enjoying being selfish and spending time loving one another, strengthening our relationship before we have kids. It will be fun to spoil Jackson for a while before we start that journey.

Have any of you gone into GNC or Vitamin World and felt extremely overwhelmed? Have you asked the “professional” at the counter questions and they just repeat what is on the label of the vitamin/supplement you are looking at?

*raises hand slowly*

I have. I step into the world of supplements and I see lots of colors and bright enticing labels. I see things I think are steroids and stimulants. I have NO idea what is going on so I usually end up leaving empty handed and confused.

Enter in Corey Blank and American Nutrition Center (ANC).

Nestled in Avon, CT this store is definitely not your average supplement shop. No untrained or stupid sales people with no experience.  Corey and the ANC crew are all bodybuilders and lifters with experience in the products they work with. They try (almost) every product and walk-the-walk when it comes to supplements. They are not pill pushers or steroid junkies. Corey takes the time to listen to each customer’s goals and helps direct them to the right supplements to help them achieve it. The store also has pre-workout on tap to try, energy drinks, protein bars, weight belts, and clothing. You can tell from their muscles that they mean business and live their business.

Corey Blank is an owner and the operations manager at American Nutrition Center Avon. Corey is a Certified personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist with over 6 years of personal training and nutritional guidance under his belt. He has a diverse background in fitness competition from college athletics from bodybuilding to powerlifting.

Corey continues to inspire me. I met him while he was a trainer at a gym nearby. When he left to pursue the ANC opportunity, I made sure to keep in touch. As a trainer he always pushed me to be the best version of myself and now he gets to do that on a larger scale with ANC. Corey recently got married to the love of his life and they are expecting a baby later this year! He is a “no excuses” kind of guy who is relateable and charismatic. His ambition has allowed for his business to succeed and for him to establish a strong foundation in the bodybuilding world.

Our interview lasted 2 hours because we were just chatting about life, supplements, and goals. I hope you get inspired by Corey as much as I always am.

****If you live in the Avon area, visit ANC and mention my blog (Fit n’ Fabulous) for a FREE SHAKER FILLED WITH GOODIES and FREE OH YEAH! PROTEIN BAR.**** 


Q. Tell me how you got into fitness. What drew you to this industry?

A. Bodybuilding. I got bored after I stopped playing football my Sophomore year in college. I got bored and wanted to get back into training so I started bodybuilding.

Q. As a business owner, what is the KEY ingredient?

A. Reputation is so key. It builds customer loyalty. The more positive your reputation is, the better your customer feels and shares their experience with others and through word of mouth, your business can grow. Also knowing content. If you are knowledgeable about your product, people will benefit which also helps with reputation.

Q. How do you manage to balance your work with your personal life?

A. Man, that’s difficult. It is about carving out the time to separate business and your personal life. What makes it easier is that my wife and I have similar interests so my work is equal to our hobbies. It is great that we have an overlap of our hobbies and likes.

Q. What motivates you the most both inside and outside of the gym?

A. Inside of the gym, I just love how fun it is. I love training. The team atmosphere, loud music, a bunch of people lifting heavy… it’s great. Outside of the gym, definitely family. Knowing I can provide and be present for them is so important.

Q. What is the best advice you can give to those who are just getting into supplements?

A. Two things: be consistent with training and nutrition, and keep it simple. If someone is feeling overwhelmed and is new to this world, I would recommend BCAAs, protein, multivitamin, and fish oil. Simple ingredients that will make a functional difference.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you have gotten along the way?

A. Commit to your path. Whatever path you choose to follow, stick with it and really commit to it. Here at ANC we are committed to our customers and so we commit to them.

Q. How would you recommend someone create a goal?

A. No matter how they create it, know that everything will be based off of it. Think about your interests, health, place in life, and what you want to accomplish. Create a goal consistent with all of those things and the supplements and things needed to obtain that will fall into place.

Q. What has been your most memorable experience thus far with ANC?

A. Oh, definitely sponsoring the Avon High School football team and seeing the ANC name on the billboard. It felt great to give back to the community.

Q. What are you most passionate about?

A. FAMILY. Close friends and blood.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Pizza and sushi. It’s a tie!

Q. What is your favorite exercise move?

A. Deadlifting. You can just let everything go and lift.

Q. What is your motivation music? [I knew his answer before he even said it]

A. Gangster rap.


Remember, ****If you live in the Avon area, visit ANC and mention my blog (Fit n’ Fabulous) for a FREE SHAKER FILLED WITH GOODIES and FREE OH YEAH! PROTEIN BAR.**** 

Thank you, Corey for being so awesome!


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