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Snow Day Workout #2

Here in the North East we are getting slammed with snow and strange weather. While I am glad that our weather is relatively stable most of the time, this whole 50 degrees one day and snow storm the next is super irritating. Anywhooo, I digress. I knew that today was going to be a no-go to get to the gym so I created another at-home workout. Again, no equipment needed except for a timer of some sort. Get ready to sweat!


For each number, you are performing the first exercise listed for 30 seconds and going into the second exercise for 30 seconds. Then you are going directly back to the first exercise for 20 seconds and then the second for 20 seconds. Finally, back to the first exercise for 10 seconds and then the second for 10 seconds. So, you are at each set of exercises for 2 minutes total.

For example: burpees for 30 seconds, pushup hold for 30 seconds. Burpees for 20 seconds, pushup hold for 20 seconds. Burpees for 10 seconds, pushup hold for 10 seconds.


You are allowed 20 seconds rest between sets and 1 minute rest between rounds. You perform all 8 sets of exercises twice. The workout lasts roughly 35 minutes.


Burpees: see Snow Day Workout #1

Pushup Hold: when you go down as you normally would for a pushup, hold at the bottom!

Predator Jacks:  Similar to a regular jumping jack (which you can substitute if you’d like!) but you are jumping out into a squat with your arms open wide. Then when you come back up, you are bringing in your arms and legs all at once. See below. Image result for predator jacks

Wall Sit: Exactly as it sounds. With your back on the wall and no light shining through your lower back (lower back pressed to the wall), sit with your legs at a 90 degree angle and feet about shoulder-width. Image result for wall sit

High Knees: As fast as you can, drive your knees upward in a sprint fashion. Image result for high knees

Front Lunges: Alternate legs throughout the time interval. Start with whichever leg you’d like. Make sure your weight is in your front foot and back leg is just hovering over the floor.Image result for front lunges

Squat Thrust: This is just like part of a burpee. When you get down into a plank position, bring your feet just outside of your hands and then jump them back into a plank position. Repeat this motion for the duration of the interval.Image result for squat thrust

Tricep Dips: Find a chair or use the floor. With your back to the chair, place your hands as seen below. You are dipping your body weight down and back up. Pointers: the closer your back is to the chair, the better. Arms will bend to about 90 degrees. Image result for tricep dips

Pushup: A seemingly simple exercise that isn’t quite so simple. Keep your elbows in and not flared outward. Notice how this nice cartoon has tummy tucked in tight, back in a straight line and hips in line. When he goes down, elbows are tucked in and at a 90 degree angle. Image result for push up

V-ins (tucks): With your body in a solid plank position, bring your hips up so your body is in an upside-down V position. If you are wearing socks and are on a tile floor, you can even bring in your toes so you get to this V position. Holy ABS!

Image result for pike exercise

Crunches: Any variation you please! Change it up and do some bicycle crunches.

Plank Hold: You can hold the plank position in either a high plank or a low plank. Note the differences between them.

LOW PLANK: Hips in line, not sagging. Abs are tight and tucked in. On your forearms.

Image result for plank exercise

HIGH PLANK: On your hands. Everything else is tucked in and tight. Hips not sagging. Easier variation than low plank (in my opinion).

Image result for plank exercise

Mountain Climbers: check out my Snow Day Workout #1 post


Happy Sweating!

(Also note: you don’t have to do a workout. If you want to spend your day off relaxing and watching movies, that’s OK! Listening to your body and living intuitively is so important.)



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