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WIAW: Hectic Monday

It’s Wednesday! Thank God. It means another day closer to the weekend. My eats are from my crazy hectic Monday.

If you are new to my blog, on Wednesdays I like to post eats from the day, hence What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). I don’t post to suggest that you eat like me, but rather to show you that I have a balance I like to strike in my daily eats and to make me more accountable. My diet is FAR from “perfect” but I am on a journey and if I want to, I will get better in time. But what is “perfect” anyhow? Just kale smoothies, nut butters, and veggie platters? Not the way I care to live my life but hey, to each their own.



As a school teacher, I have to eat whenever I can find 2 minutes to myself. So I have invented a time called BLUNCH which is not quite brunch because I am not eating brunch food but it is lunch at an almost breakfast time.


It consisted of 2 servings of steamed broccoli and a Morning Star quinoa and roasted garlic burger. I have nothing against eating meat and tons of it, but this is super simple to heat up and make with the veggies. I also am obsessed with this water from Stop and Shop. It is made of unicorn tears and dreams.

Pre-Workout Snack





I had totally planned to have an apple and some Teddy’s natural peanut butter but then I saw the Graze box in my mail and I dove right in. I had this pb and pretzel dipper as I headed to the gym. More on this product to come on Friday when I post about my Graze experience!








Dinner and Dessert

Husband was at a game the whole night and we are trying to put our house on the market so I knew I had to eat leftovers at home. No more sushi nights… well, who are we kidding? #treatyoself.

What a hodge podge. I had some left over brown rice and Trader Joe’s teriyaki chicken for dinner as well as these prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella sticks. Loved the salty combination!

Dessert was my mother’s peanut butter brownie. I brought the rest of them to work but my husband managed to snag 6 of them for the house. I’m glad he did because I took the most massive one and thoroughly enjoyed it for dessert.

Hope the rest of your Wednesday is awesome.


  1. What have you eaten this week?
  2. Have you treated yourself lately?



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