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Motivational Monday: Shaun Chambers

Happy Monday to you all! I am SUPER excited to present this week’s Motivational Monday post. I conducted this interview last week and I have just been waiting impatiently to share with you guys!

Image result for shaun chambers bodyrocImage result for shaun chambers bodyroc

Shaun is the founder and CEO of BodyRoc Fit Lab in West Hartford, CT.  I went to BodyRoc nearly two years ago and immediately fell in LOVE. I mean, obsession. The best way to describe BodyRoc is that it is an experience, not just a workout. Each class combines running on a trueform runner, weight training, and boxing all together with (often) a live DJ spinning the most bomb music. The room is lit by black lights and the energy is always electric. I would like to say that it is more of a party than a workout, but I always leave class EXHAUSTED and sweaty. If you are in the Hartford area, this place is a MUST try. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced athlete. Each class can be tailored to your ability level. Check them out here! In 2016, BodyRoc won Best of Hartford Magazine’s Top Place to Workout.

Trueform treadmills are super cool because they have a smooth running belt that is controlled by the movement and force of the athlete using it. No fancy buttons or settings, just your own body. You are propelling yourself forward so when the coach tells you to sprint, it is MUCH harder than a normal treadmill. These treadmills help you protect your running form and have helped me to become a faster runner. If you are interested in learning more about trueform, check out their website.

Enough about his business, let’s get down to the business of Shaun. Where to start? The BodyRoc website explains it best: “Shaun embodies the grit, perseverance and resilience it takes to shine in the capital city. Growing up, his passion for sports and music kept him focused, active, and aiming for the stars; literally. After a boxing stint in the amateur circuit and a collegiate football career at Southern CT State University, Shaun set his sights towards the music industry and moved to New York City. In 2008, he was signed as a songwriter to Primary Wave Music Publishing under Sony BMG, working with artists such as Jennifer Hudson, P. Diddy, 50 Cent, Nicole Scherzinger, Jordan Knight and many others. Fully immersed in an entertainment career, Shaun never let go of the athletic mindset that gave him the drive and indomitable spirit it took to make it in the big apple. Since many of the artists he shared the studio with inquired about diet and fitness due to his own dedication to the lifestyle, he obtained his certification in personal training to inspire many others to achieve their health and fitness goals. After over 9 years as a certified personal trainer and published songwriter, Shaun sought out to establish his own fitness brand – An intense circuit-style interval workout with the atmosphere of a dance club.”

Image result for shaun chambers bodyrocMost recently, Shaun was in the running for Reebok’s America’s Most Inspiring Trainer. To say he is inspirational is an understatement. He brings energy to each and every class, greets each client with a smile and a high-five, and never stops grinding. Despite his busy schedule, he managed to make time to share his passions and inspirations with you all.


Q: Tell me how you got into fitness. What drew you to this industry?

A: I have been an athlete since I was 5 years old. I always loved the camaraderie of athletics and the work ethic. I have always had that athlete mentality.

Q: As a business owner, what is the KEY ingredient?

A: Relentlessness. Regardless of what your goal is, it is so important that you never give up. Never stop pursuing your goals.

Q: How do you manage to balance your work with your personal life?

A: You don’t. [laughs]. Very simple. It is all one.

Q: What motivates you the most?

A: Seeing other people happy. I love helping people to be the best version of themselves, both aesthetically and personally.

Q: What is the best advice you can give to those who are just getting into the fitness industry?

A: Find YOUR niche. Find a way to deliver your own passion to your clients.  People want to feel passion from you. For me, I combined my love of music with a different workout method and it all just grew from there. Nothing is worse than seeing trainers who aren’t doing what they are truly passionate about. Find a method near and dear to your heart and expand upon that.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have gotten along the way?

A: Not to let people’s negativity influence personal decisions. At the end of the day, weigh your ambitions and desires with the thoughts and opinions of others.Just don’t let other’s skepticism and criticism negatively impact your own journey.

Q: What are you most passionate about?

A: Growth. Inspiring change and the progression to new and better things.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: CHICKEN. Any way you want to cook it.

Q: What is your favorite exercise move?

A: Lunges because there are so many ways to modify them and add on to them to work additional body parts.

Q: What is your motivation music?

A: I’d have to say TRAP RAP. It encompasses every genre and tempo I need to feel motivated.

Image result for shaun chambers bodyroc

Huge thank you to Shaun for making time before and between classes to answer my questions. For any more information or questions you have for the man, myth, and legend, you can ask them here! For an additional interview and information, see this article from Innovation Destination.


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