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Friday Thoughts

Lately I have been interviewing motivational trainers and inspirational people for my Monday posts. I love asking them what they are most passionate about to get insight into their mantras and what drives them. I had some time to reflect on this question last night and it brought up mixed feelings.

What am I passionate about? 

I spent three years in medical school because I thought I was passionate about medicine. I teach Science because I think I am passionate about students and the subject matter. But the more and more I listen to my heart, the more I find I am drawn to other things. What I know:

  • I am passionate about helping others and teaching others new things.
  • I am passionate about living life in unplanned and unexpected ways.
    • Even as someone who has OCD and whose Google Calendar is bright with multiple colors and calendars, I think that life’s best moments are ones that are unplanned. Even when I surreptitiously left medical school, it has given me the opportunity to open my heart and mind to opportunities outside of the medicine bubble.
  • I am passionate about health.
    • Not dieting, not restricting, not placing limits on myself or others around me.
    • Health is happiness

I can never fake a feeling because my face always will give away my true thoughts. While this has landed me in trouble, it also keeps me honest. There are times I know I am not doing things that I am truly passionate about. Red tape and restrictions bug me. I sometimes just want to be left alone and be my own boss so I don’t have to deal with “the system” of life. I have lived my life so conventionally and that’s okay. So when I color outside of the lines or think outside of the box, I just want the trust and ability to do so with no regrets or  repercussions.

Believe it or not, I started this blog out of true wholehearted passion. Know that when I write on here, it is truly because I care and am living my passions through it.

So, I’m leaving you with my reflection and ask that this weekend, you think about if YOU are living your passions and if you aren’t, why not?

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  1. What are YOU passionate about?
  2. Any good plans for the weekend?

Stay tuned for Motivational Monday with a special guest! 



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