What I Did Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! It’s hump day everyone and half way to the weekend.

Today I wanted to share my snow day workout with you all. We had an early dismissal yesterday because of the threat of some crazy snow and I wasn’t able to get to the gym before the weather got bad. I don’t have any gym equipment at home so I created this body weight workout you can complete in about a half-an-hour.

Equipment needed: none; tiles on the floor and a wall

Time needed: ~30 minutes; timer

Areas of the body targeted: total body; cardio-based

Level: 8/10


Explanation of the time: 

You need a timer. I have a tabata timer on my phone or you can just look at the second hand on a clock. You are doing 20 seconds of the movement and then resting for 10 seconds. You will repeat this for 8 rounds for a total of 4 minutes. This is known as a tabata.

Explanation of the moves:

  • Burpees



You can modify this to be easier. Eliminate the push-up and the jump at the end (just stand)

  • Bear crawls



Get into a table top position. You are going to move opposite arm with opposite leg forward. You continue this movement for the entire 20 seconds.

  • Mountain climbers





Start in a plank position. Drive one knee toward your chest. Then drive the other toward your chest. Continue this driving forward motion. Hands do not move and are facing forward.




  • Wall Fires


Make sure to keep your hips up and prevent a dip in your lower back. Bend your knees like you are about to jump. Then push, using your quads, against the wall to “fire” outward back into your original position.


  • Agility “ladder” Image result for agility ladder


So I don’t actually have a ladder to do this workout so I just used the tiles on my floor as the “ladder.” You can do one foot in at a time or quick feet in one tile at a time, etc. It is up to you how you would like to do it. Just keep moving for the 20 seconds on.


  • Squat jumps

It is as easy/hard as it sounds. You squat and then use your squat to propel you into a jump. Image result for squat jumpsNotice the fake smile and no sweat on this model. You will not look like this by the end of this workout if you are human. What I like, though, about this illustration is that her weight is clearly in her heels as she is squatting. Her back is aligned and not rounded, and her jump is as weak as mine is #nohops. Modify this movement by eliminating the jump all together.

And that’s all folks… phew! I know it is a lot and believe me, it ain’t easy. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


  1. Do you do at-home workouts?
  2. Do you have a gym in your house?
  3. How hard is this workout in your opinion?


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