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Scenes from the weekend

I hope everyone got a dose of motivation from Mad Dawg yesterday. I cannot stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with trainers, friends, and mentors along your journey not only fitness but in life in general. I know that I am constantly learning from them and picking their brain so I can get better.

Anyhow, enough of the lecture. Let’s get into the weekend! Man, it always goes by too fast. Who feels the same?

Here are some of the highlights from my weekend:



I treated myself to a gel manicure on Friday after school. My body needed a rest day from the gym and my soul needed a day to just treat myself. #treatyoself

I took this photo at my husband’s basketball game. He is a coach for the varsity team so I usually go to support him. I always come with snacks in hand and Friday I was equipped with a peanut butter dream bar from a local bakery and a magic bar. I usually pack much healthier but again, I needed something enticing.








Scenes from my workout-

Holy sweat session! I went to Amped for a metabolic trifecta workout and it was tough. After the workout, we were joined by Chris Flo from Animal Flow and Chris Ellis (natural bodybuilder and Man Sports athlete) for some more clangin’ and bangin’ and discussion. I talked with both of them about the industry and how they got into their fitness journey. It was awesome to get some pointers on dynamic stretching from Flo and watching a bodybuilder try to do some yoga-esque poses!






After the workout, I was starving so I went to a local eatery and got my favorite: quinoa, Greek yogurt, strawberries, almonds, and honey “bowl” to go.





Later that evening, Craig and I went to celebrate Chinese New Year with my best friend since her parents are here visiting from China. While it isn’t something that Craig would do again, I enjoyed the experience of hot pot. I think it’s because I like putting together my own sauce and cooking my food in front of me.

Food. Glorious Food!



I started my day with a workout at BodyRoc fitness. I love their workouts! A combination of the cardio I want and need in my life, weights, and boxing was the perfect sweaty Sunday morning I needed.

Later that day, Craig and I finishing painting our downstairs bathroom because we are gearing up our home to sell. Afterward, we went to some open houses which is always fun. We love to talk about what we want and need in our next house and dream of bigger and better things for our future. It is a bonding experience, despite the stress that comes with the whole process.

Before we knew it, it was 4 p.m. and we were starting to get hungry. We popped in to Republic for some drinks and dinner. I went with a Prickly Ginger cocktail and ended up getting two of them because they tasted like heaven. Plus, the mason jar touch? Necessary. I went with a miso-glazed salmon dish with quinoa and butternut squash puree. We were a little tipsy so we ended up craving dessert and went with the Banana’s Foster Bread Pudding. Also necessary and delicious!

We got home and were exhausted. Nothing like chilling on the couch with my furry best friend, Lucy. She is a cuddle bug!

Lights out at 9:30 p.m.


  1. Any suggestions when looking for a new home?
  2. What did you do this weekend?
  3. Did you listen to what your body needed and wanted this weekend?



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