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What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)

Good Wednesday Morning! It is my first day back at work since being sick and it was SUPER difficult to get myself motivated this morning. The bed was comfortable and shower extra warm, but alas.

One of my favorite type of posts I enjoy reading are WIAW posts. I love getting to see what my bloggers are munching on and I just feel like it gives me a deeper perspective into their lives. They say eyes are they window into people’s souls but really, it’s food! I don’t post these things because you SHOULD be eating like me or HAVE to. I just post them in case you care. Remember, eating should be intuitive and work for you.

A few disclaimers about my food choices yesterday. I am still getting my appetite back and it isn’t 100%. I was feeling okay earlier in the day but as the day progressed, I just felt more and more tired and cranky. Notice how I don’t have any dessert. That’s odd for me!


Fage 0% Greek Yogurt with a generous spoonful of Teddy’s Smooth Natural PB, Clear Splash water


2 whole eggs, Maple and Apple Chicken sausage patty from Applegate Farms, 1 piece of hickory baconwp-1485349717273.jpg


MorningStar Farms quinoa and roasted garlic veggie burger, Alexia sweet potato fries (no greens…eek!)wp-1485349463502.jpg


Not having any green veggies is strange for me as well as no snacks. My appetite was definitely off yesterday.


  1. What did you eat yesterday?
  2. What is your favorite food!?


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