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Been on my mind

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great Monday. Mine was spent sick at home but who can complain about puppy cuddles and warm homemade soup? I had my gym bag all packed for today, school lunch all ready to go in the fridge, mindset ready for a day at work but woke up to an email saying school had been cancelled! It must be the universe’s way of saying I need another day of relaxation and rest. No matter the reason, I am psyched. Cue happy dance.

I wanted to stop by the blog today and share something that has been on my mind since speaking with a trainer/friend of mine. She will be featured on the blog next Monday but something that she said really resonated home with me and it is something I don’t think many people know or really try to understand about the fitness/health world:

No ONE person knows it ALL. 

In college, we were taught to question. In every science class we teach the scientific method and some of the first steps are to “ask a question” and “research.” I would like to say that medical school also taught me these things, but it was more about conformity than really getting to truths. Nevertheless, being skeptical is something that I try to be when listening to news, media reports, and people around me, especially about health and fitness.  While there are blogs that I follow and people that I trust, it is only because over time I have found truth in what they are saying. What bothers me is when I see people blindly support and follow trends or things. Crossfit, bootcamps, juice cleanses, yoga… the list goes on and on.

If you are new in this journey, don’t fall victim to one person’s “truth.” Advice isn’t always meant to be taken. I see advertisements everywhere on Instagram for detox teas and waist trainers. Celebs swear by them! So does that mean you should too? Since [insert person here] is so fit, they MUST know it all about fitness and healthy living, right? WRONG.

Start living like a scientist. 

Ask questions to your trainers. If they brush you off like a bug, they probably don’t know the answers and then you have to wonder if they are really the right trainer to begin with. Lord knows I love my trainers and friends who are trainers, but not all of them I trust with nutrition advice. Or mindfulness advice. What I’m saying is that it is SO important to get your information from more than one source.

I am glad that you are starting out here because I take snippets of facts from multiple sources and present you with one truth. This blog isn’t meant to give you the false impression that I even know it all. Exactly the opposite. I created this blog to share in the journey of finding the truth to it all. It is a safe space to ask questions and challenge one another.


  1. What is the most questionable advice you have gotten from a trainer/fitness program?
  2. Any “truths” you want investigated?


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