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Recipe Thursday

Nothing bugs me more than when my Aunt says, “Even YOU can cook _________. It’s so easy!” For me it isn’t a matter of difficulty, it is the fact that I am not an avid chef. In fact, I really don’t enjoy cooking at all. But as much as I don’t like it, my husband doesn’t even know how so that leaves dinners up to moi. Needless to say, we enjoy eating out and trying new restaurants!

Before you get the impression that my food tastes like garbage, let me rewind. If I am in the mood, I can bake like Betty Crocker and cook like Julia Child! The operative words being “if I am in the mood.” It helps that I learned from the best cook and grew up in a  Greek family which means I love the taste of garlic and large portions. Now that I am married, I want to get in the habit of being in the mood to cook more often and trying new recipes.

Enter my 2017 goal: to dust off my crock pot and try one new recipe a week. Er, better to be on the safe side and say one recipe every other week. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. 

Every Thursday, I will share with you an adventure in cooking. Healthy, affordable, tasty and new recipes. If they flop, I will be honest. If they rock, then I hope you will try them too!

Today’s Recipe: Rotisserie Chicken

A staple at the A’s house. I decided to take it into my own hands this time.


1 whole chicken or 1 package of chicken halves (~$4.50)11

tin foil (to put on the bottom of the crock pot)

crock pot liner (helloooo easy clean-up)

olive oil (to brush the chicken with)

spices- garlic powder, basil, oregano, all-spice, etc. (I bought mine already with garlic seasoning on it)


  1. Put crock pot liner in your crock pot according to directions.
  2. Place tin foil balls at the bottom of your slow cooker so the chicken isn’t just cooking in its own juices.
  3. If you bought a whole chicken, rinse your chicken and remove giblets.
  4. Rub olive oil and seasonings all over your chicken
  5. Place in slow cooker on high for 4- 4.5 hours. Or on low for 6-6.5 hours
  6. Enjoy!

    The Lonely Crock Pot

I usually pair this with Simply Potatoes sweet mashed potatoes and some steamed veggies, all easily made in the microwave.

More pictures to come from tonight’s dinner! Anyone want to come over?


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