Start a blog she said…

My mom has always been my biggest supporter. Even when she is being a huge pain, I know that she always has my best interests at heart. So when she told me to start a blog detailing my endeavors in fitness to help others learn from my journey, I decided to listen. Now, this advice is coming from the same woman who almost threw me out of the car when I was 15 for shaving my legs above the knee (“Only whores do that!”). Sometimes I have to take what she says with a grain of salt but this request came from an admirable place.

She is going to be totally embarrassed I am putting her in this post, but its my job as her daughter to tell everyone how proud I am of her. My father and her both lost tons of weight over the course of a few years. As I was growing up, I witnessed years of her yo-yo dieting and self-loathing. It has always amazed me how dedicated she is when she puts her mind to something, so when she made the decision to “get healthy,” I knew that she was going to get it done. This lady never ceases to amaze me. If my dad or I proclaim something cannot be done, she is sure to show us just how it can. Seeing just how much they dedicated themselves to their journey was inspiring. Our conversations about exercise stopped being arguments and turned into genuine questions. Before, my mom used to think I was crazy for going to the gym. Now she asks me for advice on how to get triceps! I love that we can have conversations about when and if to eat carbs (yes you should…) and if exercise is better done all at once or throughout the day (depends…).

Watching my parents take steps to lose weight made me appreciate my own journey. I have always been an active person with no substantial weight to shed. I never realized how hard it was to start making better choices because I seemed to always have the willpower and mindset to stick to the right ones. I am happy and grateful for a body that keeps me active, injury free, and able. Throughout my journey, I have learned a ton about nutrition, fitness, exercise, and life in general. I am inquisitive and passionate about all of these things and so everywhere I go, I make sure to pick up knowledge that I put in my arsenal. But that’s not all.be-happy-and-be-healthy-3

I keep it real.

I am the weakest of my lifting partners. I am not the fastest runner. I surround myself by people more knowledgable than me. I laugh at myself and make sure I am enjoying my journey. I noticed that more and more people were drawn to that part of me: the part that isn’t too serious but is serious about learning more on her own journey. So, starting this blog I am hoping to do just that. I want to learn more, share my knowledge, and have more people join me as I explore all things. From kettlebells to crockpots, let’s do this.


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